Monday, January 31, 2011


MINKPINK Shades "Paparazzi" in Leopard

SOLES By Nude Footwear Leopard Boots

I will always love leopard.
These are my fave two feline things I'm feelin' right now.
Currently on high rotation with cut offs and tees (its so fucking hot in Sydney right now).
I have it on good authority that SOLES are redoing this boot for winter 2011 (these guys are from last year).

Keep your eye on MARKET HQ as they'll be stocking them very soon...

- Sare -


Annabel Wendt (LoveMore) said...

ohh those shoes! they are my fav too!

hot hot hot xxx

Oracle Fox said...

hehehe so right now as I type I'm wearing those exact boots and similar sunnies on my noggin! Great minds think alike baybayyy!! xxxxx

heylila said...

wish I could wear cut offs right now :) they are my favorite piece of clothing, I mean I still wear them often in winter...but with two pairs of tights or something...


galatea. said...

i want that skull!

Emma said...

Well i was looking some type of fashion sites like DC Shoes , cloths and some different out fit so my search came to me your blog its really Amazing .You look so freaking adorable!!! Love the dress & the shoes!!!