Sunday, April 17, 2011


As an early anniversary present, the boy surprised me with some Blood Milk goodness - the pentacle pendant (first shot).

Cast from snake rib bones and twigs gathered from an "old growth" forest in New York, it's romantically macabre and a little bit witchy....which suits me just fine.

Check out their blog here and Etsy store here.



Fat Aus said...

pssst babe, i think you accidentally wrote black milk instead of blood milk in you text!

it is gorgeous though.

Sara Louise said...

wow love that last ring - its perfection

Abby said...

Wow super cool. I love the twig look, my engagement ring has a twig band. tis wonderful.


JODES & SARE said...

Oops - I always mix up Black Milk (clothing label) with Blood Milk (jewellery label).

Thanks for spotting the typo - I'll fix it now

- Sare -

LARRIE said...

awesome. so amazing. i can't get enough of etsy.

Anonymous said...

these pieces are lovely, thanks for shsaring.