Thursday, June 23, 2011


Two of my favourite things - Lady Gaga and Creepers.

Madame Monster has been sporting her custom-made 14cm sole creepers from London Underground all over the place - In her "Judas" video clip, in Rolling Stone editorial and even on Oprah's bestie Gayle King's chat show.

To honor the Lady G love, Underground London have released a super-limited editon run of 7cm sole creepers.

Yep - 50 pairs of these babies are available here.

If you're more metallic-inclined then these Jeffrey Campbell "Stingers" are almost identical and more wallet-friendly.

Get them here.

I already did.

Hurry up postman I want to get my little monster on...

- SARE -


Pushemek said...

Crazy shoes!!

Blood Milk said...

your addiction to creepers has now become my addiction. . . .

Talia said...

Just posted these baaaad boys !! Ahhh they're insaaane. I absolutely adore your love for creepers :)

xxx Talia