Saturday, September 10, 2011


So as most of you know by now, i have two jobs. Alongside designing EVIL TWIN i also have the pleasure of being the Design Creative Director of MINKPINK.

A few weeks ago we headed up to Byron Bay to shoot the MINKPINK High Summer campaign. My fave location of the day was this crazy awesome house belonging to our talented stylist Kit.

If you think this shit looks cool you should definitely check out her tumblr here.

.......Oh, the puppy's name was Mr Salami Cat....and yes, he was a dude!



Kaitlyn said...

Aww ma gawd, the shoes!! Looks like it would've been an awesome shoot. I'm actually wearing an ever-so-lovely Evil Twin rust maxi in my latest post if you'd like to have a looksie. I have big love for that skirt xx

Natalie Mulford said...

THOSE SHOES! I envy that collection of shoes.

Joel said...

that banner is amazing ahah!

m.corbett said...

no way can one person have as many beautiful shoes as that. wowowowow x xx

The GUILTY HYENA said...

The house had oodles of character and tone!

.. Mr Salami, glad to hear he is a dude, I feel for all those dude ladybirds, and they look feminine + pretty.

LARRIE said...

love love love! & your two jobs are somewhat something for all of us to be envious of! great work x

Arianne Witt said...

I love everything about this place! Amazing shoe collection too.