Monday, May 9, 2011


Images from Google / A Decadant Thing

Ahem...attention all studded items pictured above.

Kindly form an orderly line and make your way into my wardrobe immediately.

Much appreciated.

- SARE -


Linda said...

That picture with the blonde girl. Oh.My.God. I want everything about it. The textures in that picture are sort of blowing me away.
*makes grabby hands*

xox Linda

Anonymous said...

studs and a shaved head is there anything better?!

LARRIE said...

love the first studded piece.

the balmain is also jaw-dropping.

Anonymous said...

great post!!
ahhh I'm determined to someday own one of those Balmains...or make my own.

XO Sahra

vivacious blonde said...

PUNK ROCK PRINCESSES. obsessed with the studs and spikes. so rock n roll. julian casablancas of the strokes has a red leather spiked jacket i would do unholy things for. great post !

EE said...

just ordered a boat load of cone studs and spikes. Alexander Wang's rocco duffel bag is going to fall victim to a diy project..

The GUILTY HYENA said...

Can never get enough off Stunning Spikes + Studs.

I REALLY need to buy a glue gun and self studify some items!! Especially since I cant have Burberry or Louboutin Studded items.

JODES & SARE said...

LINDA - The blonde girl is serious hot-town and her punk/gypsy/religious accessories are awesomeness

0408PM - Having half a shaved head myself I couldn't agree more

LARRIE - Its good right? I'm still on the hunt for the perfect leather vest, I'm seriously thinking about stealing your when I'm in Melbourne!

EFFORTLESS COOL - Owning Balmain studness is on my bucket list too

VIVACIOUS BLONDE - The question is, would you do unholy things TO Julian to get the jacket?

EE & GUILTY HYENA - Love a good D.I.Y, let us know how it goes, and mind your fingers, studding is sore work!