Sunday, March 18, 2012


Finally.....may I present to you EVIL TWIN's Winter 1 range "Heavens Above, Heathens Below".

Jodes has been smashed with work so I thought I'd pull my weight and get these shots up on the blog - Superbly late I know but hey, at least we're consistent.

The Winter 2 range is just around the corner, I remain eternally optimistic we'll get those shots up on time.

In the meantime, enjoy these.....

- SARE -


rouli said...

love everythinnnnnnnnnnnn

Laura. said...

My god I love everything... You will see my profile picture is me wearing evil twin :)

The leather jacket is sickkkkkk

Anonymous said...

it's all amazing!

Wends said...

hey girl! been missin ya ;) the new stuff looks awesomeeeee. ah and I don't know if you know but I got hooked up with sweaty betty a while ago and got a few pieces off your last collection to post on the blog. but yeah just wanna thank you guys, hope you're well! x

Ria Michelle said...

So good, I'm in love with so much of it.

Morgan Elizabeth said...

fffffuuu :'( i want it all

JADE EMILY said...

Looks Gorgeous! x

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